Surveys offered

Risk Consult has a number of products for the needs of underwriters, which make adequate risk management possible. We can therefore address the special risk situations of companies of all sizes in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

The standard process of a risk survey
  1. Underwriting support for the pre-assessment
  2. Initial survey
  3. Monitoring for the continuous improvement in risk
  4. Re-survey
Special surveys
  • CAR survey: for specific risks of construction projects
  • BU study: comprehensive analysis of the operational processes taking into account technical risks: examination of the value chain of the company for potential weaknesses, dependencies (retroactive effects and / or interactions) and alternative possibilities.
  • Key account programs: For the development and guarantee of global risk management standards, special online-offers and focus programmes. Group-wide risk management can be carried out and appropriate evaluations and analyses will be presented to the company.
  • Co-survey: as a special case risk inspection can be done under the direction of other RM-companies for the acquisition of information
  • Post loss survey: expert input after a claim, in order to take into account future risk prevention measures immediately.
  • E+U: represents a compact risk report incl. recommendations for the risk improvement.
  • Intrusion survey: For companies with increased burglary-theft risk (e.g. jewellers, hardware stores, etc.): demonstration of specific safety gaps and relevant recommendations
  • Short Risk Analysis: brief and short risk analysis for small business sites with rather low sums insured, ideal to combine with an appraisal
  • Wood Check: specially adapted to the requirements of small wood-processing companies
  • Telephone check: Short analysis of the risk situation at small business locations
On request, we would be pleased to provide you with details of these offers»»

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