Implementation of risk management & monitoring

Our experience shows: Without target-oriented external monitoring 90% of the recommendations for improvement fall by the wayside, only 10% are applied within 12-36 months. In contrast, and due to continuous monitoring, we are able to achieve 55% implementation and a further 10% “in progress”. The companies therefore improve protection and safety over a long period and prevent damage events.
In this context, monitoring means the tracking of the risk improvement recommendations – as declared in the risk survey - at the particular company location. During this a continuous process of improvement of the risk is ensured.

Advantages of the monitoring process:
  • targeted implementation of improvement measures by continuous contact with Risk Consult
  • enhancement/improvement of the customer relations (insurer <-> broker <-> policyholder)
  • improvement of the insurer’s portfolio by raising the risk management awareness of the respective policyholders
  • the occurrence probability and effect of a damage is minimized by application of the measures and the resulting improvement of the entire risk situation on the respective location;
For the insurer this awareness of the policyholder for risk management and the resulting improvement of the entire risk lead to a significantly higher profitability.

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