Risk Analysis

Initial Contact: We carry out risk analyses in close cooperation with the policyholder and the broker. We set the priorities for the inspection in advance according to the insured risks and prepare for it efficiently.

On-site inspection: Our Risk Engineers obtain a comprehensive view of the policyholder during an introductory tour. Organisational issues are very important for the subjective evaluation of the risk standards. Therefore we pay particular attention to organisational fire safety, maintenance and general interest in damage prevention. During a following tour we evaluate construction, processes, infrastructure as well as potential risks. The general information of the company, the location and the recommendations for the improvement of the risk situations are then summarized in a report. This summary report is treated confidentially and submitted to the insurer, broker and policyholder.

Portfolio management: The risk situation of the company can be described with classification numbers, with which insurers can manage their portfolio. Our aim is a permanent lowest possible loss ratio, so that even in economically difficult times the insurer remains a strong partner. Portfolio management»

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