Portfolio management

Even in difficult years, well-managed portfolios render good combined ratios and therefore optimal profitability.

Risk Consult advises you on the portfolio’s strategic focus and its restructuring. We proceed according to underwriting and actuarial aspects as well as to individual company-economic aspects.
We observe target markets and branches, and consider principle drafts, re-insurance performances and the dependencies between individual areas of business of the insurer.

The management of a balanced diversification of risk in an insurance portfolio is one of the most challenging tasks for an insurance company. This includes the definition of risk acquisition strategies, the handling of risks in the portfolio and the development of restructuring concepts.

We present portfolios with the latest visualisation features. This provides the strategic management with a transparent decision-making basis, so that it can efficiently deploy its underwriting and actuarial management instruments.

Risk Consult offers the following services for portfolio management:
  • analysis of existing portfolios and identification of potential weak points
  • editing and display of the portfolio for reinsurers
  • development of portfolio strategies
  • establishment of Key Performance Indicator systems for the portfolio management
Example of a portfolio:

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